How to Use of QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online helps you to manage your accounting in a casual manner. It is a great solution for service-based businesses that do not contain complicated invoicing needs. And is also helps you to create invoices and estimates, handles customer supplies and orders, sales, and track cash flow. Moreover, this software detects the performance of the company and the taxes to build the future budget plan. And, if in case you have any plans for starting your business, then you might be aware of How to Use QuickBooks Online.

How you can use QuickBooks Online Software? 

Below, there are given some points to learn how you can perform different important things. There are several functions offered by QuickBooks Online.

How you can Set-up the QuickBooks Online?

For creating your first invoice, you need to add the company information in the starting then select the account and settings, choose the date of the financial year, give a logo to your QuickBooks account and finally set default payment terms. Let’s move ahead to know about the procedure of how to set up QB Online

  • First of all, enter your company’s information.
  • Then, select a method of accounting.
  • After that, create or choose the company logo.
  • And, set up the terms of payment.
  • Finally, do customize invoicing and payment processing.
How to Undo Reconciliation in QuickBooks Online?

When the payment is recorded for the wrong date or statement date is incorrect then undo reconciliation in QB Online is done. For this, you have to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, open your QuickBooks Online.
  • Then from the banking menu, select Registers.
  • Choose the account in your register name drop-down list.
  • For which you want to undo reconciliation, click on that transaction.
  • And in the end, delete the letter “R”.
How to set the Job Costing in QB Online?

You have to make sure that QuickBooks is correctly configured on your system if you want to set up the job-costing in QuickBooks Online. Before assigning the jobs to the clients, you have to build the job type. Then, for the customers, set-up the job and produce the bills. And, you have to perform high-level reporting. In the end, estimate and change the orders regularly.

How to create QuickBooks Income Statement?

Steps to create QuickBooks income statement:

  • Firstly, in QuickBooks find the income statements according to the version.
  • You need to choose the income statement report format.
  • Then customize your QuickBooks income statement according to your needs like statement basis, notes, dates, columns, etc.
  • After that, create the income statement.
  • Finally, save the print then send your income statement.
How you can get a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

The ProAdvisors of QuickBooks is a trained accountant who provides tax return service, audits, bookkeeping services, etc. Dial QuickBooks Support Phone Number, if you are looking for a QuickBooks ProAdvisor near you.

How to set up the Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online?

In QuickBooks Online, adding a sales tax is an easy process.

  • In Qb sales tax, add a tax rate and agency.
  • Add a combined rate.
  • Change a tax rate, organize QB Sale Tax settings.
  • Then, deactivate a tax rate.
Resources provided by Intuit

When it comes to using online then there are following steps of Intuit website that help you as a guide:

  • Quickopedia: It helps you to find out the answers to QuickBooks Online, Quickopedia is a very useful website.
  • QuickBooks Connect Conference: This facility will bring out thousands of users or customers at one platform to share and gain knowledge.
  • Intuit Academy: to learn about the QuickBooks Online, Intuit academy is a perfect place.
  • QuickBooks Online Blog: it will provide you tricks, tips, and updates of QuickBooks Online product.

QuickBooks Online Features:

The QB Online has excellent features, let’s start,

  • Built-in reports

To create financial reports, the built-in feature will help you. Moreover, you can also highlight the reports as your favorite reports that you most of the time.

  • Custome User Permission

In QuickBooks Online you can choose the number of uses and also set up a new role to access different areas with the support of custom user permission. Examples of roles that you can access: expenses sales, banking, and payroll.

  • Third Accountant User

You can freely add up to three accountants users. To meet your specific requirements, this particular feature will support you.

  • Electronic Invoicing

QuickBooks provides another feature of electronic invoicing. With the help of this feature, you can invoice the customer electronically. You can also trace the invoices through email, accept online payments, and send invoices to the customer via the system.

  • Mobile Apps

You can use this software from anywhere, anytime from your mobile apps and view your business’ finances.

  • Automatic Backups

Now you don’t need to get worried about losing your data because the data related to your business accounts automatically backup your data.

Final Words:

QuickBooks saves you time as well as things get systemized because of the flexible features. It is easy to use as accounting software. You will not have to face so many problems because we have discussed QB Online in many ways whilst mastering the software for business purposes. Through different Intuit services, this blog has helped you in understanding this topic. This article has a clear definition of Quickbooks Online which is easy to understand. Furthermore, to enhance your knowledge about the software, Intuit provides you many resources to equip with different websites. And, if you want more information about Quickbooks Online or how to use QuickBooks Online, go to our QuickBooks Online Support Website.

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