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Before Update QuickBooks Company file, take a small review on What is a QBC file and how do I open it? QuickBooks accounting software stores data in a single file, known as company file. In which it contains relevant data and information pertaining to the user’s account. QuickBooks file uses the extension. Use QuickBooks file extension, QBM when the software is installed on a computer with windows. If you can’t find your company file, you can search your company for all the files containing the.OBW extension. In this article, you can read and walk through the process to update QuickBooks or you can get assistance for our certified experts by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks support number +1-818-850-7805.

The simplest way to find your QB company file is to log in to your QuickBooks and access file> open or restore the company file. With the help of a search function, you can search your QuickBooks Company file name or QBW extension, which should point you in the right direction. when you’ve found your company file, click to open it.

Update QuickBooks Company File

While QuickBooks software Upgrading, it does not automatically update your company file. If you have upgraded to the latest version of the QuickBooks software, you will need to manually update your company file. QuickBooks experts can advise you on, that it would benefit your company to upgrade to a newer version and they can also walk you through how to update company files If you need help.

Note- QuickBooks Admin user only can update QuickBooks file. When the file is updated by the QuickBooks Admin user company file will automatically be updated for all users and this process will not need to be repeated. But, if you have multiple company files then this process will need to be repeated for each file you access.

Update a company file, all you need to do simply open the file in the new QuickBooks online software and then, company file update wizard guide through the process. Doing upgrade, You have to follow some simple instructions below that will allow you to quickly and efficiently import your company file into your new version of QuickBooks.

Steps To Update Company File

  1. Install the new version of QuickBooks.
  2. After software installed, convert and update QuickBooks data from your old version into the new software. In a simple way, open your company file in the new version.
  3. Be sure you have a good internet connection, during updating.
  4. Upgrade your file you must log in using the Admin username and password.
  5. Open your new copy of QuickBooks. Select the Button Open or restore an existing company.
  6. Now, click a window labeled Open or restore the company.
  7. Leave the default selection, click on the open a company file. Then click the Next button.
  8. Click on the computer on the left side of the window and then open your drive where QuickBooks files are typically stored.
  9. You can easily locate your company file in your drive and click open. In your drive, you can see multiple files with similar names, in which you can select the file with the green icon, which is usually the topmost file listed.
  10. Now, enter the QuickBooks Admin user name and password details to this company file and click Ok.
  11. Click on update now and the QuickBooks company file update wizard will begin to update your file. And it will automatically create a backup copy prior to updating your company file.
  12. Update Wizard, It will first back up and then update your company file.
  13. After finished, click on Done to start working in your file in the new version of QuickBooks.


While updating QuickBooks company file, users face some issues. Because the company file may not open for a number of reasons. May the QuickBooks file have been damaged due to some form of corruption on your hard drive where the file is store. Our QuickBooks consultant can advise you on whether it would benefit your company to upgrade to a newer version and they can also walk you through the process if you need help. Don’t hesitate to contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor in your area if you encounter any difficulties along the way.

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