How to Transfer QuickBooks to New Computer

Transfering of organization document to another computer in QuickBooks. So, in this blog we are going to tell you about how to transfer QuickBooks to a new computer. QuickBooks is the high-tech accounting software that comes with the updated technology and tools that allow you to handle your business easily. The updated or latest version of QuickBooks are location independent in nature. And, that means you can use QuickBooks to manage your business from any part of the world. Now, you also have the choice to transfer QuickBooks to another computer at any time using suitable steps and guidelines.

Transferring your QuickBooks license is not that difficult process that it seems. However, this blog will guide you the complete command of how to transfer QuickBooks Desktop to a new computer. You can also contact our provided toll-free number QuickBooks Customer Support if you need us to transfer QuickBooks license to a new system.

While moving your organization files to another computer in QuickBooks, there is one thing you should keep in mind. It will not affect your QuickBooks Desktop license. Confirm that you have already installed QuickBooks Desktop on the new computer.

Steps of transferring QuickBooks to New Computer

You can create a backup file from inside your QuickBooks Software, if you are working on the currently updated version of QuickBooks. And, it will save almost everything that you require to restore your organization file on a new or another computer. Moreover, if you do not already create a regular backup file of your QuickBooks Software, you must do it every time you update your account files to make sure that you are not losing your valuable financial data. Although, you require a proper step if going to transfer your QuickBooks to a new computer, otherwise, all your data gets lost.

  • You have to create a backup of all your data file and license.
  • Then you have to download the backup onto the new computer.
  • Now, you have to install the QuickBooks on your new system securely.
  • Then, restore all the backup files that you need within QuickBooks.
  • And, after all the process, delete the program from the older system.

How to you Create a Backup File

Step by step for how to backup:

  • Firstly, connect your portable storage device like hard drive and USB to your old computer.
  • Launch QuickBooks in your old Computer and open the company file you have to transfer.
  • Click the File Menu then, select Create backup.
  • Then, you have to click on Local Backup file as the location you want to save your backup file. And, then click on next.
  • And, then give your backup file a specific name. After that, select OK and click Next.
  • Select ’Save It Now’ and ‘Next’.
  • And finally, click on the Save option to restore the QuickBooks file to a new computer.

But, do not try to save the Backup directly to a flash drive or other peripheral device to store your data. Locate the backup file you built and use the copy function to copy the file to your device. Then, safely remove your storage device from the computer, and connect it to the new computer in which you want to move your QuickBooks file.

Steps to Restore the backup file to your New Computer

You have to follow these mentioned steps to restore the backup file, so you can use it in your new computer-

  • Firstly, insert your storage device such as USB or Hard Drive into the new computer, then open QuickBooks. If you did not install the QuickBooks software into your new computer, do it first.
  • Select the ‘File’ menu and click to ‘Restore company’.
  • Next, you have to click to ‘Restore a Backup Copy’ and then click on ‘Next’ option.
  • Then, select a ‘Local Backup’ as the location for your backup file.
  • Navigate to your storage device and click on the QuickBooks backup file. Click ‘Open’ then ‘Next’.
  • Click on confirm that you want to restore the backup file.
  • And finally, select ‘Save’ to initiate the restore process.  

After transferring the QuickBooks to the Another Computer

You will have to perform these following steps after transferring the QuickBooks to a different computer and confirming that everything is working good-

  • You will have to register yourself into each service individually in order to use all the features of QuickBooks Desktop such as Intuit Data Protect and Payroll.
  • After that, you have to copy the other organization file to the new computer by using an external storage device if you have more than one organization file.
  • And finally, you should confirm that you create a backup of your organization file data onto the another computer where you want to transfer the QuickBooks program to complete the process.  

How to transfer QuickBooks to the New Computer by using Migrator Tool?

Quickbooks Accounting Software provided the great feature which is the Migrator Tool. By which, you can easily transfer your QuickBooks along with the organization file in just a few clicks.

Working of Migrator Tool while transferring the QuickBooks

You must be an Admin user for using a migrator tool. For unlock that has been transferred to a new computer, you have to create a complex password. And, do not forget the password, that password is needed once only.

The migrator tool will copy to pen drive or USB only up to the last 3 organization files opened along with all supporting files. The move QuickBooks Tool will do all the technical work required, while the pen drive will work as a medium to physically move the files.

The correct version of the Migrator tool of QuickBooks Desktop Software will download the new computer. It will also set up your QuickBooks with your organization file. Your drive will not be reformatted or any other file will not be deleted through using Migrator Tool.

What you will require:

  • A new computer, which is connected to the internet.
  • To hold your QuickBooks File, you have a pen drive or USB with enough free space. The required space will be told by the Migrator tool. Normally, people require between 150 and 250 MB.

How to do set up and using of Migrator Tool

Step 1:- with the old computer
  • In QuickBooks, go to the FILE > Utilities > Move QuickBooks to Another Computer.
  • Click I’m ready, then create a one-time password.
  • Do follow the steps to select the USB flash drive you will use. After that, wait for the file to be copied. 

Step 2:- with the new computer

  • Insert the Storage device into your new computer. Because of the Windows security reasons, the Migrator Tool will not automatically launch.
  • Open the storage device to see all its files and double-click the file Move.QuickBooks.bat to start the migrator.
  • Type the Password you created, then click on Let’s Go.
  • And after that, wait for the migrator tool to finish. And this will depend on your computer and the internet and the size of your company file.

Final Note:

When your new computer is updated. You can transfer your QuickBooks to the new computer so that you will lose your work. You should create the backup file, install QuickBooks to a new computer.

When you have done with all the steps, install the QuickBooks and Restore the backup on a new computer. Once all the steps are done, you are ready to dig in and use QuickBooks to a new computer. From that time, do not put any data or file into your previous system.

I hope this blog will help you while transferring the QuickBooks to the computer. For other more information, any inquiries contact our QuickBooks Support Customer Care Team.

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