It always not possible to run QuickBooks Desktop from another system physically. For that, we need to follow some ways to access QuickBooks remotely. If you are a user of QuickBooks Desktop and want to get remote access from another system or from another QuickBooks account then this article is for you.

What is QuickBooks Remote Access  

QuickBooks remote access is the way in which you can access your PC from any other system through a secure server. What you really need is a good and strong internet connection. With this feature, you have access to your email, documents, and other things. You can also migrate your files from one computer to another. Intuit data protect security system, keeps your all data safe during remote processing. So there is nothing to worry about.

Advantages of Accessing QuickBooks Remotely

Access Quickbooks Desktop remotely has lots of advantages which are :

  • Working from Home makes your life easy
  • You can import and export a QB file or folder from one system to another system.
  • You can save time spent traveling to clients.
  • Copy and paste among remote tools and PCs.
  • Can sync QuickBooks files between computers
  • Print remotely
  • Track or trace the activities of the accountant without any problem.
  • You can use multi-user mode in QuickBooks to together on the same QB file with multiple users.
  • Mobile can be used other than the PC for Accessing the QuickBooks.
  • Also can transfer QuickBooks to a new computer.

Pricing & Plan of QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

To access QuickBooks remotely you have to pay a certain amount which will give you the access to this service. There are a total of two plans.

  1. QuickBooks Access : $49.99/mo
  2. Full Desktop Access : $99.99/mo

Both the above plans are almost the same but in Full desktop Access you will get loads of other features which are missing in the QuickBooks Access.

Supported QuickBooks Options

Now if you want to use the QuickBooks remote access feature then your QuickBooks Variant must support the Access QuickBooks remotely feature. Listed below are the options of QuickBooks which support the remote feature.

  • QuickBooks Online: You can access QuickBooks Online from anywhere in the world. It has a cloud-based service and you will get the remote access feature with QB Online. You can use QuickBooks Online via the Internet.
  • QuickBooks Remote Access Tool: Suggested by the expert. This tool is used to connect to the system remotely which has the QuickBooks Software installed in it. It can do tasks remotely like copying the files from one system to another or vice versa remotely and also the other tasks like printing files remotely, accessing QB files and folders, etc.
  • QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud: You can host QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud to access the QuickBooks remote feature. You can host the QuickBooks Desktop on any third-party server because it is permitted by Intuit.

Enhanced Remote Access.

With remote access to your Desktop, you’re logged into a user that runs within the background of the pc you would like to access. A remote Desktop user can cash in on the improved remote Access with some added features.

  • Workspace Session: The Remote user connects to a replacement session so a user performing on the PC cannot see, what’s performing on.
  • Desktop Mode: You Log into your user thereon computer as if you were ahead.
  • Application mode: The remote access using only open the QuickBooks Application and zip else. There is no access to a Documents folder.

Traditional Remote Access.

The remote screen tools available for QuickBooks including the interrupted remote Access service from Intuit. And, these tools are also known as LogMeIn, R-HUB, Teamviewer. Also, connect remotely to the screen from another computer on running QuickBooks. It gives full authority over the whole Computer as if the user was physically sitting in front of the computer. Some disadvantages are a remote user has access to the whole computer and can see what the remote user is working on.

Note : If you are using the QuickBooks Desktop then you can switch to the QuickBooks Online variant in which you will access QuickBooks remotely.

How to Access QuickBooks Desktop Remotely

Now if you want to access QuickBooks remotely then there are some steps that will help you to do so. Read each step carefully and try to follow.

  • Visit the Intuit official Website and sign up for the QuickBooks remote access.
  • Now after signing up, log in to the QuickBooks remote access website with your email and password.
  • Before login, You have to launch the web browser on the computer in which they will access QuickBooks remotely.
  • To download the remote access tool installation file, click on “Setup Computer”.
  • Now enter the nickname for the system in the “Nickname” field and click on “Next”.
  • Check the box next to the options to initiate every time you log into a remote session. There are four different options which are 
    • Use full-screen view as default.
    • Disable this computer’s keyboard and mouse.
    • Automatically reduce screen resolution to match.
    • Make this computer’s screen blank.
  • Now you check all the boxes next to the application in order to attain access remotely on the system.
  • Click on the “Next”.
  • After all the above steps you need to check the box for the authentication option to use. In that case, you can enter a code or can also use a phone number. Whenever you try to access the QuickBooks desktop remotely, the code option gives you permission after you enter the passcode on the login page. And if you had chosen the phone number option then the tool calls you and then prompts for accessing the code each time.
  • Tap on the “Finish”.

Alternative Way to Run QuickBooks Remotely

Now it is the alternate way to access QuickBooks remotely. Follow the below steps:

  • Launch the Web Browser on your system and log in to your account on the QuickBooks remote access website.
  • Enter a nickname for your system and check the box and click on the “Connect”.
  • Now you have to authorize your desktop by any of the two methods – passcode or phone number. 
  • In the End, click on the remote access drop-down menu and then click on the End QuickBooks remote Access session. 

Final Words

Accessing QuickBooks remotely makes your work hassle-free and you can access your account and perform tasks from anywhere in the world. Both the QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks remote access tool is very secure and you can perform any task without any worries. That’s all about the topic, hope you find it informative, and useful. Further, if you are facing a problem related to this topic then find a QuickBooks ProAdvisors to get an effective and unique solution in a short time.

How to access QuickBooks remotely?
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