If you want to know how long does QuickBooks Payments take. Or, if you are looking for a reason why QB Payments take such a long time. Then, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss all these things about QB payments. You will get to know how to check when QuickBooks deposits customer payments into your bank account. In case, if you get any issue regarding QB payments then, you can contact the QuickBooks Merchant Service team. Also, you can use QuickBooks Merchant Services for easy payment.

How long do QuickBooks Payments take?

We will help you and show up the payment transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO). Whenever you have done any payment in QuickBooks Online then it usually takes 2 to 3 working days to reach your deposit bank account. This is a financial institution that you selected for any transaction payments. And this takes some time as in some days to complete the verification and process the electronic deposits.

The payments will take 2 to 3 working days to complete your request. And this waiting period is called “time to funding”. And the time of funding depends on which you requested for a transaction. That’s why it takes such a long time to deposit your payment.

So, whenever you attempt to transact a payment, there will be two transactions rolling for your action.

  • They will ensure that the payment is done to the authorized cardholder’s account. And, you might get a call for ensuring the payment action if you have done such a large amount of payment. Also, these calls are recorded and sent to the central processing hub. Generally, it’s the cardholder’s issuing bank that basically accepted or declined payment.
  • The payment goes into the bank system. Actually, the payment is submitted one day later than the payment day when payment is submitted to the bank for ensuring a settlement. At that time, funds will start to transact between accounts which will take 2 to 3 days to complete your payment transaction.

Also, if you have a merchant account. Then, we can log in to your merchant account to ensure the activity time duration. This gone possible in this way,

  • Firstly, login into the merchant accounts through the official site of the QuickBooks merchant service.
  • Then click on the Activity & Report on the top menu.
  • Press on the Transactions option.
  • After that, select your search criteria – Specific Date/ Range of Date, etc from the drop-down menu.

Although, we can also update your account to get any transaction from the bank account, only if you have a subscription to QuickBooks Online(QBO). You can simply do this by clicking on the Banking option and press the Update button in the top-right corner. This will authenticate the account for allowing the transaction to move to the download transaction list from QuickBooks Online.

Also, you can contact your financial institution to check the posting of your transaction.

Check out When QuickBooks Payments deposits Customer Payments

Basically, the speed of your transaction will depend on the type of payment and which product you are using. Because processing through credit card or direct bank transfer has its own transaction speed.

  • You can check your transaction through QuickBooks Online or Merchant Service Center. Both are available for you, you can use one if you don’t have another.
  • Then, check the deposit status. Because QuickBooks payments combine all the payments into a single record which is called a deposit or batch of payments.
  • Contact the bank center. When you check the payment status and the payment is deposited then, the money transaction is processed. Although, some banks hold up payments after deposit. At that time, you need to contact your bank.
  • If you are using QuickBooks Online then you can check & maintain your QuickBooks payment status through QBO. Otherwise, all the other users can check their payment status through merchant service.


This article tells the information about how long do QuickBooks payments take and why. Also, how can you check your payment status on which service? Still, if you found any issue then, you can freely contact us at toll-free Number +1-888-850-3930. Also, if you want to know QuickBooks Merchant Service for making your payments easy. Then contact our merchant service care team. The experts will tell all the mandatory information regarding this.

How Long do QuickBooks Payments Take
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