Gear Icon in QuickBooks is generally used to approach many numbers of features provided in the software. This helps the users to manage several works like handling many charts of accounts, make a different organization file, analyzing the recurring transactions, and try to set up all services or products. The Gear icon in QuickBooks settings menu is the universal icon. In this blog, we are going to study the gear icons and vanishing issue of gear icons and how to troubleshoot them to fix it.

About Gear Icons in QuickBooks

The gear icon is called the “wheel” and it is shown in the upper-side corner of the company name. By offering two icons which are “+” and “gear”, QuickBooks Online Software has designed the interface. This wheel or icon can be shown on the upper corner of the QuickBooks dashboard in between the create (+) menu, and the help (?) button. For accessing the feature or the QuickBooks account, users can use the wheel. This consists of the Settings, Tools, Lists and the company.


In QuickBooks, the settings option will provide you the access to fix the company information, templates or fields which are used in the transactions.


You can use the recurring transactions, products and service list, etc by the help of the list option.


Tools option provides the ability to the QuickBooks users for importing the lists, like the chart of accounts or the item list. And, it also gives access to users for reconciling with the bank and setting up a budget. And the last part is,


To handle the users as well as QuickBooks Online accountant, the Company feature will provide you with assistance.

Vanishing issue of QuickBooks Gear Icon

When some changes take place in the features of Software then, this vanishing issue of the wheel can happen. You can use the F5 button for refreshing the page. If it does not work, then do-follow these below steps-

Steps to solve the Gear Icon vanishing issue

You can follow these steps to get the gear icon back, it will help to solve the vanishing issue.

  1. By using an Incognito window or using the private browser, you have to open the QuickBooks account.
  2. Then check if the icon is seeing or not. If it is seeing then, open your browser and clear all the history and cache. This will solve the missing button type errors and browser-related issues.
  3. In the end, check your browser for whether the error is fixed or not.

Final words

We are hoping that you guys understood the gear icons, vanishing issue, and steps to solve it. Further, if you want to know more or still this problem did not solve by yourself or any other kind of problem-related to QuickBooks. Then, you just have to simply call on the QuickBooks Support Phone Number. And, the experts of the QuickBooks will definitely solve the problems and the queries you have.

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