When it comes to best accounting software for business, One of the most common comparisons is Freshbooks vs  Quickbooks. Many people think Freshbooks and QuickBooks are built for the same purpose, but that is not true. Freshbooks work best for the freelancer and service-based business,  Wheres Quickbooks is actual accounting software which is used by business of all sizes. Quickbooks is the best accounting Software than Freshbooks because it offers more features than FreshBooks at a competitive price. Contact our QuickBooks customer service for detailed information if you are in a hurry and have no time to read this post.

If you’re a self-employed freelancer who needs a billing software, Freshbooks is the best to pick for your needs.

Freshbooks vs Quickbooks Pricing & Features

Freshbooks and Quickbooks both offer a plan for every budget. The lowest price for both products is $15 per month, and the highest price for Freshbooks premium is $50 per month and $60 for Quickbooks online plus per month.

Time tracking

Quickbooks online plus has also a time tracking tool that you can use for time tracking of your employees, you can track how many hours your employees have worked.

Freshbooks also has a similar time tracking features which are based on projects and tasks. Freshbooks also uses a calendar that provides overview information about the project worked on.

Manage Account Receivable

Quickbooks have full account receivable functionality in all of their plans. In QuickBooks, you can create invoices, track your customer’s payment and generates an account receivable report.

Freshbooks is usually known for its custom invoice capabilities. In Freshbooks, you can modify the invoice templets according to your company needs by adding a company logo, brand color, etc. Freshbooks also track customer’s payment and generates a report on unpaid customers which helps in payment collection from unpaid customers.

Manage Account Payable

Quickbooks online plus allows you to manage all of your bills. This means you can enter your bills into QuickBooks and pay them with your credit or debit card, you can also check your payment status.

On the other hand, Freshbooks does not offer account payable capabilities in any of their pricing plans. Therefore you cannot keep track of your unpaid bills in Freshbooks. However, you can download paid bills by connecting your credit card or bank accounts to Freshbooks.

FreshBooks pricing:

FreshBooks offers a flexible SMB and enterprise pricing scheme where plana are tailored to suit the needs of every business or small accounting team. And, the company offers 30-day free trial where you can examine the features prior to choosing the most suitable plan. The difference between the plan depends on the number of active clients you intend the bill, while functionalities remain the same allowing you to-

  • Track your time by project & clients
  • Easily add and categorize expenses
  • Automatic late payment and remainder fees
  • Clear and simple reports and dashboard
  • Work on any device – computer, laptop, mobile

 QuickBooks Pricing:

QuickBooks offers four pricing plans with a monthly subscription. All plans include customer support, integration with apps you already use, and secure bank connection. Discounts are regularly offered and a free 30-day trial are available.

  • Freelancer
    • Self-employed – $5/month
  • Small business
    • Simple start – $7/month
    • Essentials – $17/month
    • Plus – $25/month

The small business plan comes with an add-on option for enhanced payroll or full-service payroll solution at a separate cost

Budgeting & Forecasting

Inventory Tracking

With Quickbooks online plus you can keep track of your cost, quantities and value for all products that you purchase or sell. This is helpful because you will always up-to-date about the inventory and cost of goods, which helps you to figure out your profit or loss details. Unfortunately, Freshbooks does not offer inventory tracking in any of their plans.

Payroll Processing

Quickbooks has its own payroll service intuit online payroll. With the help of Quickbooks payroll, you can process payroll for your employees.

In Freshbooks, if you want to pay your employees using payroll then you have to purchase gusto payroll because Freshbooks doesn’t offer its own payroll service.

Online Payment

Quickbooks paymentS provides its own online credit card processing service. On the other hand, Freshbooks use Stripe or PayPal for credit card processing.

Other User Permission

In every Quickbooks online plan, it allows at least two users wheres in Freshbooks only one user is allowed to access in every plan, you will need to pay $10 for every additional user per month.

Payment Reminders

Freshbooks will automatically send reminders to notify its users for upcoming dues or past dues. Payment reminders send before due, after due or both. Unfortunately, this offer is not available in Quickbook online plus.

Establish multiple Business

Freshbooks allows you to establish multiple businesses. This means you can access all of your business by using the same account. It gives a 30 day trial for each new business and then it charges the current pricing after the trial ends. But in QuickBooks, you can only register only one business per Quickbooks account.

IOS $Android

Many companies create an app for ios and android platforms but they didn’t provide all the features compared to their desktop application. But Freshbooks has the best mobile app which includes all the features compared to their desktop applications too. That’s why Freshbooks mobile applications are popular among mobile users too.

Quickbooks online has also many features included in their mobile app but there are a lot of users complaining about glitching or crashing the app. That’s why Freshbook’s mobile app is better than Quickbooks mobile app.

Customer Support

According to QuickBooks users, customer service is not good at all due to the lack of informative details and long waiting times. Quickbooks customers feel that the customer service team is inefficient and unreliable at times, They don’t respond quickly.

According to FreshBooks users, the company offers incredible customer support, the representative is always informed and kind and provide sufficient information, and they are really good at solving problems.


Quickbooks and Freshbooks both companies have similar security precautions. Both companies use SSL encryption, regular testing and data backups for their security concern. Both companies use robust features to secure their user’s data


Now we have compared the pricing, features, and security of Freshbooks vs Quickbooks. We describe the advantages and drawbacks of both software on every point. And after describing all the features of both accounting software we came to the point that if you are a self-employed freelancer or you are running a small business Freshbook is the best to pick for you, wheres QuickBook is used in all size of business. Both software has their own advantages. You can manage every financial aspect of your business and you have up-to-date about your financial statement by using both of these software. So it depends upon your needs that which software fulfills your business needs.

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