During the rest of the millions of organizations and small businesses, QuickBooks grew out to the most affordable software to handle finance data. QuickBooks keeps a large number of data of all accounting details and changes details, so we take a regular backup of QuickBooks. But sometimes, we face the QuickBooks POS restore backup failed issue during the restoring process of backup data in QuickBooks. Which is not bearable, and should not be neglected like a common issue. It should be fixed out.

This article is all about this backup issue. Read the article, till the end, if you are facing the issue during the backup process, and can’t remove the logfile.

During the backup process, we encounter some of the following issues:

  • Error – 6189–816 code in QuickBooks
  • Error – failed
  • Restore failed – log file cannot be removed
  • Display – *.qbw when try to save the restored file.

Reasons & Solutions to the QuickBooks POS Restore Backup Failed

Here are some of the reasons, and solution to the problem, have a look:

Why QuickBooks Restore Failed Can’t Remove Logfile Errors Occurs

The error may occur due to various reasons:

  • When a company names include special characters like @,&,/,< >,$.
  • When a backup was being restored from a USB or a flash drive to a network drive. The error was demonstrated by error – 6186–816.
  • Another reason could be when a backup is made into a new version. If you create a backup in the new version of QuickBooks and restore it in the older version of QuickBooks, this error will occur.
  • When you try to resolve files that is not an actual backup file.
  • The company file is compromised. 
  • The other most common reason could be the space problem. 

How to Resolve Backup Restore failed Issue in QuickBooks POS

Solution 1: Remove Special Character

  • Search the company file location.
  • And rename the company file without special characters.

Solution 2: Avoid Overwriting an Existing File Set Up for Restoration

  • Save the file according to the location of their fine.
  • When an existing file has the same name as yours“The file name exists” message pops up on the screen.
  • Would you like to override this file, select NO
  • Change the name.

Solution 3: Copy Back Up from USB or Flash Drives

  • It is easy to restore a backup from the computer than a flash drive or a network drive.
  • Copy back up on desktops.

A new version of QuickBooks for restoring

  • The QuickBooks file manager allows you to restore files from the older version of QuickBooks Desktop to new version but not vice versa.

Solution 4: Repair the Compromised Company File

  • Use the rebuilt data tool to resolve the company file.
  • Go to the File menu, check the utilities, and select Rebuild Data.
  • Choose okay on information windows and follow-up steps for backup.
  • Select okay to finish.
  • Go back to the File menu and check the utilities and select verified data.
  • Select okay if no problems are detected and select rebuilt now if issues or seen.
  • You can resolve the compromised files by using the QuickBooks file doctor tool as well.

This article aimed in providing solutions to the errors occurring at the Point of Sale backup along with the common reasons leading to such errors. Hope you find it informative, and now able to fix this error code ownself. Still, if you are unable to fix this issue then you can get our expert advice for the QuickBooks support.

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