QuickBooks is an online software that we can create and send multiple invoices at the same time, saving us time. And we can work on multiple invoices at once and send all the invoices in a single click.

If we have to send one of our products to a lot of customers, we use batch invoices, in which we have only selected customers and such invoices serve to send invoices to our chosen customers.

We all know that QuickBooks Desktop Pro is a very profitable program that saves our time and also helps in business. Which we can easily keep the customer connected to our business. And you can invoice your customers only once.

How can create and send Batch invoices in QuickBooks?

We can create a batch invoice in QuickBooks Desktop Pro to invoice for any product or for any service or for selected customers. If we have to create a batch invoice of any customer, we have to first give the information of that customer, which should be taken in the customer center, whether all his information and jobs are listed in the list, because we have to fill all his information in the batch invoice. Information while creating. It happens. In that batch invoice, QuickBooks uses this information within each invoice.

Benefits of invoices in QuickBooks  

And we can work on multiple invoices at a time and we can save time by sending one invoice to as many customers as we want.e do not even need to bill it, we can only select customers who have a minor to send invoices.

We all know that the customer does not come back after invoicing, but through QuickBooks Desktop we can remind him when he left from here. Because all this is left in the QuickBooks program, when did he come here? The cookbook lists everything that even a businessman forgets.

How to create a Multiple invoices 

First, you need to go to your QuickBooks dashboard. Press the (+) button to select multiple invoices.

This will open several invoice screens starting with the row. Select the customer first and enter other sales territories as you usually do when creating an invoice.

First, click the (+) button on the left to create a new blank invoice. Each invoice you add will have its own numbered row

Then after that go to Menu and choose duplicate invoices for multiple customers as per your services. Which you can send an invoice to your selected customers.


We have explained how you can take advantage of QuickBooks Desktop Pro like how many invoices you can work on at a time and how many customers can send invoices at a time and it is only in QuickBooks Desktop Pro. And only those customers whom you have chosen where it will be your business ahead, it will also save you time.

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