QuickBooks is the software that is designed by the Inuit for small and medium-sized business. By using this software they can easily maintain their accounts detail. And with this, they can manage financial or non-financial information such as inventory management, income statement generation, cash flow management, invoice generation, taxation payroll management as well as entrepreneurs can do many more activities.  Learn how to download QuickBooks desktop:

Features of QuickBooks Desktop

  • This is very useful for creating professional invoices.
  • This is useful for tracking your sales and expenses.
  • For making the managing accounts payable useful to you QuickBooks Desktop plays a major role.
  • It is useful for one-click sales and tax reports.
  • This is applicable to download your bank transactions automatically, but charges may apply.
  • The QuickBooks desktop supports your phone.
  • It contains 1-3 users.
  • You can permanently sign without typing your password.
  • You can launch your QuickBooks online directly from your desktop.
  • This is useful for loading your QuickBooks online data.
  • QuickBooks Desktop is very used to mac as well as for the PCs.
  • This saves your time to manage your account information.
  • Fast performance.
  • It is a secure and dedicated software to access your QuickBooks data.

Download QuickBooks Desktop

Here we have given you the guidelines on how to download QuickBooks Desktop Software.

  • Firstly you need to download QuickBooks Desktop software in your system
    • To download the software, you have to go to the official website of QuickBooks and download the latest version Software
  • When the download is completed. Go to the location and double-click the executable file to run the QuickBooks installation.

QuickBooks Desktop Installation Process

  • When your Quickbooks Desktop download file is open.
  • Click Yes to all to overwrite existing extracted files. 
  • Because of the installation, click Next.
  • Read the software license agreement carefully, you satisfy with the agreement then choose that I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
  • Enter the license key and product key.
  • Click on Next.
  • Select a type of installation for the computer.
    • Express: – Allows the QuickBooks installer to make a recommended option for you that is able to store your data and it is also for you to change the previous version of QuickBooks if you have one. Note: If you want to add an accountant version it does not replace your previous year’s version in QuickBooks by default.
    • Custom and network options: – If you are using multiple versions of QuickBooks desktop on a computer then you choose it or it chooses even when you will use QuickBooks to share your data with other users on the network.
  • Select the option where you will be using QuickBooks.
    • If you are using QuickBooks on this computer – if you are not using QuickBooks in the network then you select it. If you install on a computer it will use to run QuickBooks but cannot be stored in a company file.
    • And if you use QuickBooks on this computer, and if you’re storing our company’s file, it can be shared on our network – if you’re running QuickBooks and store the company’s file from the machine Or share if you choose this option.
    • If you do not use QuickBooks on this computer, you will store our company file here, so that it can be shared on a network – if no one is using QuickBooks on this computer and use it in company files. To share as a file server on the network then you choose this option.
  • Choose a new location for the install. If you want to browse to a new directory, select an older version to overwrite them or click on the next to install to the default directory.
  • Click Install to continue the QuickBooks Desktop installation process, or click Back if you want to review any of the previous screens.
  • During the installation of QuickBooks processes, the installer may ask you to restart your computer. Otherwise, click on QuickBooks and open.
  • Activate your QuickBooks after installation.
  • Now Quickbooks is Succesfully install in your system.


In this blog, I have told you how to download and install Quickbooks Desktop Software. I hope you get some help from this blog. And get more detail about Quickbooks Desktop and our service. So contact our QuickBooks Support Service.

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