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When did you realize that some customers in your database no longer need space or can be used for other important things? Many customers have struggled with QuickBooks passive customers. Users add multiple customers, which eventually become inactive over time. Instead of keeping them on file, QuickBooks can help you collect them easily. With this article, it will be clear that you understand the scenarios in which you understand how to delete customers in QuickBooks. Before we get rid of that customer data, let’s take a look at the scenarios to consider.

The first scenario – At the time you think about the customers you want to delete but when verifying, you find that their account has no history, at that time you can remove those customers from the list of customers

In the second scenario – QuickBooks sometimes does not allow you to delete customers with any kind of activity in a single transaction. In that case, QB will give you a dialog box: “This name has a balance or is used in transactions, it cannot be deleted”. So in the case, you can disable them instead of deleting those customers.

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There are two ways to remove a customer. Here:

How to Delete a Customer:

 Option 1:

  • Go to the Sales menu in the left panel, and then select the Customers tab.
  • Select Customer, and then on the Customer Details tab, click Edit.
  • Select the Deactivate button on the button, and then Yes to confirm the deletion.

Option 2:

  • Go back to the Customers tab and then place a checkmark on the box next to the customer name.
  • Click the batch action drop-down, and then select Deactivate.
  • Select Yes to confirm the deletion.

3 ways to delete Customer name from QuickBooks 

If any customer is inactive, you can remove their name from the list. You can hide the name to keep the customer in the company file, but deleting the name will remove them permanently from QuickBooks. The customer service phone number for QuickBooks is always available to resolve any issues you may have.

Hide customer name

  • Click on the ‘Program Customer Center’ option at the top of the program window, and then click on the ‘Jobs Customer and Jobs’ window on the left.
  • Double click on the customer name you want to hide.
  • In the resulting ‘Edit’ window, users click on the ‘OK’ option followed by ‘OK’ to save the changes.

Add customer name

  • Click the ‘Customer Center’ option at the top of the program window, and then Customers and Jobs. ‘
  • Double-click on the name of the person you want to delete.
  • In the Edit window, rename the person you want to merge with.
  • To apply the changes, click the Yes then OK button.

Delete customer name

  • Launch the QuickBooks program. Click on the ‘Customer Center’ option and then click on Customers and Jobs.
  • Then Click on the name of the person you want to delete. Click on the ‘Edit’ option.
  • To delete a person from your company file, click on the ‘Delete Customer: Job’ option. Repeat the same process for each customer you need to remove.

However, if you are unable to remove the username from the file, you can contact the QuickBooks Customer Service phone number +1-844-519-0042 listed in the QuickBooks Technical Support or Contact Force Vice Online Directory.

Final Note

In the above post, we have discussed all the common methods of deleting customers from QuickBooks. I hope you have found the complete resolution of this. 

In case you are still facing any issue with How to Delete Customer in QuickBooks and unable to resolve it, you can write your concern in the comment box and we will do our best to resolve it. Or you can directly contact Our QuickBooks Support Experts +1-844-519-0042and get Instant Solution.

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