Want to create, and restore QuickBooks portable company file as a backup? Well, this is a good decision before transferring any data to another computer. This will keep away from the data loss issue. In this article, you will know, how to create, and restore a backup in the portable file.

What is QuickBooks Portable Company file

QuickBooks portable company file is the compact version of the company file. It covers a small space, and can easily send in email, and can store in a USB port. It does not include letters, logos, images, .logs files,.tlg, and fixed asset manager files. The portable company file is mainly used when we have some data issue in QuickBooks, or when we need to transfer data from one system to another system.

How to Create and Restore QuickBooks Portable Company File

Follow the create, and restore process of the portable file in QuickBooks. But before that, consider the below given important points. These points will help you to complete the procedure successfully.

Important Points to Know Before Creating Portable File:

  • Make sure that your QuickBooks is in the new latest updates.
  • During this process, you have to log in as an admin in QuickBooks. That’s why only administrators can allow doing this. If you give someone the portable copy, they will have the power to control the QuickBooks. And they can easily modify the transactions.
  • The process of creating and restoring the company file depends on the desktop version you are using.
  • Do the rename instead of overwriting the original file when you are restoring your portable copy.
  • The portable company file

To Create QuickBooks Backup Portable Company File:

Follow the steps to create the portable company file for the backup.

  • First, open your QuickBooks and log in as an admin.
  • Next, go to the file in the menu bar, find, create, copy and select it.
  • select the “portable company file” and click next.
  • Later select the location where you want to place your portable copy.
  • Then click on save and then ok.

Remember one thing that the company file is protected with a password. If you want to share this file with anyone, it will not be open with the password.

To Restore the Backup in Portable Company File in QuickBooks

Restore the backup in the recently created company file by following the below procedure:

  • First, Go to the file in the menu bar and choose the open/restore company.
  • Then choose to Restore a backup copy from the options. And tap on the next button.
  • You have to choose between Local Backup and Online Backup. Click on Local Backup. And click on next.
  • Select the location where you want to save it and then choose the folder you want to back up and give a name on that.
  • Click on open and tap to Next.
  • Save the restored file. It should have the .QBM extension.
  • Then save it.

You have successfully restored the backup data in the file. Now if you want to access the file then go to the next process.

How to Open QuickBooks Portable Company File

Follow the procedure to open the portable company file in QuickBooks;

  • Open your QuickBooks and login as an Admin.
  • Go to the file and select create the copy.
  • You can see the portable company file and click next.
  • Then you have to provide a unique name to the portable company file.
  • You have to decide where you want to store, restore it and then click on next.
  • When you want to open your file, click on save.

If you are Unable to Create & Restore Portable Company File  

If in case, you are facing any kind of problem to create and restore the portable file then follow this method to get rid of this issue.

  • You should copy the QuickBooks company file on your desktop. 
  • After saving it, open the folder where your file is saved. Copy the file with the. QBW extension.
  •  Paste the file to your desktop.
  • Then double click on the QuickBooks icon and press and hold the ctrl key to get No company open.
  •  Now you can try to create and restore the portable company file.

Final Words

This article will surely help you to create and restore the portable company file in QuickBooks. We have tried to present the whole process in a simple way. However, If you still have any queries then you can contact our certified QuickBooks experts through the toll-free number +1-888-850-3930. Thanks for visiting us.

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