In this blog, we are going to discuss how we can create new categories in QuickBooks. The user of QuickBooks can easily view all the Products and Services by just pressing the Gear icon button and then, Products and Services. We will tell the whole process of creating the products and services list. And, also how to import the data from the excel sheet or the comma-separated value (CSV) file. If you want quick assistance and understand this term to set up a products and services list in QuickBooks Online.

Let’s start how to create new expenses categories in QuickBooks Online.

Process Of Create New Categories In QuickBooks Online

Follow these instructions properly to get the complete and satisfied result.

Step 1: Locate the Products And Services Option.

  • Firstly, log in to QuickBooks Online account
  • Click on the left-menu bar button.
  • You will see the option of the Sales button.
  • Then, click on the option of products and services.
  • The screen of products and services will open on your desktop screen.
  • Move to the next step mentioned below.

Step 2: Then, Create A New Item

  • When the screen of products and services will open.
  • You will see a green button for “New” in the upper right corner.
  • Then, easily create a product or service in QuickBooks Online.

Step 3: Choose The Item Type

When you click on New option, you will four option available on the screen that can be created for products and services, which is,

  1. Inventory
  2. Non-Inventory
  3. Service
  4. Bundle

Or, you can also go for a shortcut method given below:

Create A Category

You can choose categories to group items of the same type. If you require to be more specific with grouping items. Also, you can create sub-categories.

  1. Click on the Sales menu, then click on the Products and Services.
  2. Also, you can manage the categories, by clicking on the More Dropdown button.
  3. Choose the New Category, then give the category name.
  4. Also, if you want to create a Sub-Category, then click on the Is a subcategory and the main category.
  5. Then, save it.

Categorize The Products And Services You Sell

Firstly, add a new category of product and services when you add a new inventory product, service, or non-inventory product.

Add A Product Or Service To A Category

You can categorize, if you have an uncategorized item.

  • Select the sales menu, then click on the Products and Service.
  • Then, select the products and services you want to categorize.
  • After that, click on Edit from the Auction column.
  • Click on the Category dropdown button then, choose that time which fits the item. Then, click on the Add New button to create one.
  • Then, Save and Shut.

Use The Categories In Transaction

When you create transactions and save time. Because you can easily use categories to find the products and services if you buy and sell many different things.

Edit Or Remove The Category 

  • Click on the Sales menu, then click on the Products and Services
  • Then, click on the dropdown More and manage the categories.
  • Choose the Edit option from the Auction column.
  • Do the change which you require and save.

Steps To Import Product And Service Item From Excel sheet.

It is easier to import the products and service information into an excel sheet. Follow these steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Make Your Spreadsheet

In the spreadsheet, the one row should have to be each product and service item that you want to import. And every column should have to represent the field type which is to be transferred into QuickBooks Online. But the sheet column of field type should not match the QuickBooks Online field name

Step 2: Upgrade The Excel Or CSV File

  • Go to the Products and Service screen.
  • Click the dropdown button shown on the side of the Next button.
  • For importing the data, do browse and choose the file of CSV or Excel which you require to upload.
  • Then, press the Next button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Map The Columns To QuickBooks Fields

This screen will show the option to choose the columns that will import each of QuickBooks Online.

Fields are shown in the left column available for import into QuickBooks. And the right column instructs the QuickBooks which column of your sheet stores the information for a particular field. If in case, one of the QuickBooks fields on the left is not in your information file then, select the No Match option in the list.

Step 4: Check Your Data

The final screen will provide to check and ensure the data will be imported into QuickBooks Online. If you want to make some changes, you can do so here. And after the checking process, click on the Import button in the bottom right corner. Then a notification will be prompt on the screen of successful import. And, the new items will appear on the product and services screen.

Final Note:

Now, you will know how to create new categories in QuickBooks.

Create New Categories in QuickBooks Online
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