You might face difficulties in conversion through accounting software. As we all know there are lots of things you need to perform with proper structure. Here, we teach you to Convert QuickBooks online to QuickBooks pro-2020 and solve your problems by doing certain easy steps.

If you have any doubts regarding how to convert QuickBooks online to QuickBooks pro desktop, here we going to help you and we make sure that all your doubts will be cleared so well.

So before we going to start our journey, here some requirements that should be fully filled because that is the only thing which will help you to get success.

Key points should be considered before the Convert QuickBooks online to QuickBooks pro-2020

Let’s have a look, make sure you complete all the requirements

  1. QB desktop with great compatibility and Internet explorer with 32 bit. Don’t use 64 bit because it can lead to error.
  2. 2004 edition or later and either premium or pro version should be there.
  3. Conversion in internet explorer should be 10 or more than that.
  4. For converting QuickBooks online to desktop internet explorer must be used of version 11 on your pc.
  5. You need access to an invited accountant account.
  6. Active X must be there for conversions.
  7. Conversions are restricted to few items like customers, products, services, vendor, chart of accounts, and another export list while using Non – US edition
  8. Conversion in edition older than 2004 can’t be possible so you should have 4 or 5
  9.  If you have a mac edition QB desktop so u cannot convert through this procedure.
  10. In case you are using Multicurrency in your QuickBooks Online then you should not convert QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop. If you do so your data can not export correctly.
  11. You must have the most recent version of QuickBooks pro installed in your system before you start converting.
  12. You will have to log in as an Admin user on both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Pro to convert your data from online to desktop.

Once you fully fill all the necessary requirements, after that you can jump into the actual process of converting QuickBooks online to QuickBooks pro.

Steps to Convert QuickBooks Online to Pro

The procedure that will be followed step by step:

Step 1. Need to setup securities settings in Internet Explorer

  • Right-click on Internet Explorer Iand go with Run as administrator.
  • Select tools and click internet options.
  • Select securities and Trusted Sites.
  • Click sites.
  • For adding this website into the zone field, enter ( and (
  • Make sure server verification HTTPS should be unchecked for all sites in this zone.
  • Close the Trusted sites window
  • The enabled protective mode should be unchecked
  • Select Apply and click OK. the leave the Internet Explorer as it is.

Step 2. For export, QuickBooks desktop needs to setup

  • Right-click on QuickBooks desktop and click run as administration
  • Go to files and click close company
  • leave the QuickBooks open as it is and complete the rest of the steps

Step 3. Simply exports your QuickBooks online data

  • Go to settings and click export data
  • Mention your reason and select continue
  • At the bottom of the page, select learn more
  • Select learn more in the download company data section
  • Click Get started
  • Here its time to install ActiveX Control so follow all the steps for installation
  • Once it has done Select continue
  • Select the data to want to export and click on the continue button
  • Considered or review the limitation and select continue
  • Mention your contact details and continue

Here now,  you will receive an email when your data is ready for use within a couple of minutes but it might take time when companies have a large number of transaction

Step 4. Complete your exporting data

Few steps will be repeated to get back to the export page

  • In the QuickBooks online moves to the settings and select export data and then repeat step 2
  • Select continue to download after exporting from QuickBooks online page
  • Make sure your company open screen is closed in QuickBooks desktop and if it is open you go to files and close it
  • Now move back to the QuickBooks online and select download
  • Now save your company file by selecting a location other than window desktop
  • Once the download finishes select convert now
  • In the create a new QuickBooks file window mention a file name and select a location to save it you must save it in your local computer rather than any other network or external device
  • Once the export is done select finished

NOTICE– Sometimes it takes time or the system got hanged so no need to worry about that just leave as it is and let it take their time.

Then also if the status bar doesn’t appear to move.  follow the following steps:-

  • Search for application certificate in QuickBooks desktop in the window taskbar select QuickBooks desktop to open it and then you will see an application certificate
  • Choose yes, prompt each time on the Application certificate
  • Select continue
  • Select done in the confirmation window

Step 5. Verify your information exported correctly or not

  • After the export of your company use profit and loss report for matching books

So here we told to the complete defined procedure about how to Convert QuickBooks online to QuickBooks pro desktop 2020 by convenient steps. hope this blog helps you a lot.

How can you troubleshoot the data transfer issue

Suppose you have done everything as suggested in this article. You managed to transfer your accountant company file into QuickBooks pro, but when you try to move one of your company files, it just does not work anymore. Also, the gearbox disappears from the upper right corner. Being an admin of both applications you have to fix this issue, so here we are to help you. Basically, this can be a browser-related issue,  let us provide some basic troubleshooting process to fix this error.

First of all, use a private window to access your QuickBooks account. By doing this you will be able to prevent the use of cookies stored on your system or computer. You  can also simply follow the following commands to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Firstly press the Ctrl + Shift + N 
  • Then Ctrl + Shift + P 
  • Now Control + Option + P 

After you are done with this step, you have to try converting again. In case it is working well, then go back to your browser and must clear all cache. Because these caches contain junk files and can be permanently deleted to free up your storage space.

However, if you are still getting the same error, it would be best for you to get support from our QuickBooks online support team to further troubleshoot the issue.

Let’s have a recall in short

  • Step 1. Need to setup securities settings in Internet Explorer.
  • Step 2. For export, the QuickBooks desktop needs to setup.
  • Step 3. Simply exports your QuickBooks online data.
  • Step 4. Complete your exporting data.
  • Step 5. Verify your information exported correctly or not.

Our team will hope that we resolved your problem of how to convert QuickBooks online to pro with the least time-consuming procedure.

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