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September 3, 2019by J.Smith0

QuickBooks software enables the business to perform a kind of checks from the software application, which supports to you save the time and completely organize your records. You can indent four types of checks in QuickBooks. Standard checks permit you to print multiple checks at once time, but they do not include details about all payments. Here we are discussing how to change or update the QuickBooks payment method.

The declaration check includes two stubs – 

  • One for you and 
  • One for the recipient  

Which includes general and useful information about payment methods. Office and distance checks are comparable to official checks, but they are on hole punctured paper that you can store in a bookbinder while when you travel. Wallet checks are small and short checks in which include a stub for payment information knowledge.

One of the best advantages of using QuickBooks as your business accounting software is that the program presents flexibility and stretchability. For example, if you set up your books to use a reporting background, but some time later determine that you require a cash cornerstone report, then now you can change your settings without an affecting existing data source.  You can change from the cash cornerstone for a single report or the default cornerstone for all succeeding summary reports.

For the specific version of QuickBooks desktop or payroll-linked services, we have a payment method on the data file. Learn how to change the credit card or account you utilize to pay for services like QuickBooks Desktop and Payroll. To update your payment type method, follow these most important steps for each product you have.

Update QuickBooks Desktop Payment Method

  • Sign up to camps.intuit.com. Or learn more information about signing in.

If you want to make all your data account at one place you have to use CAMP which stands as a customer account maintenance portal.

How to sign in  on CAMPs

  • Visit on the Camps.intuit.com
  • Sign in with your Intuit account information. This may stand different from what you utilized to sign in your company data file.
  • If you choose the multiple products, choose QuickBooks Desktop to move to CAMPs.

Can CAMPs not be signed by you?

CAMP handles the email address when you have registered for your product. This may stand different from what you utilized to sign in your company data file.

If the email you utilized to register your product was not already affiliated with an Intuit account, the account was automatically created for you. Therefore if you have never signed in, then you may have to claim that account.

Here’s what to do?

Follow these steps importantly note 

  • Choose I forgot my user ID or password at the top-down of the CAMPs sign-in page.
  • If that behaves help, move back to camps.intuit.com and Select a  Claim Account.
  • If you still require help support,  Get support help signing in to CAMPs or contact with us.

How to utilize CAMP?

Here some beneficial articles for helping things you can do in CAMPs.

  • Edit or change/update your email id 
  • Obtain your software license number
  • Download the products which you purchased
  • Update your payment method process
  • Observe your software product orders, Payment transactions, and fees
  • Change/update your primary contact
  • Add, edit or remove users in Quickbooks Desktop 
  • Change/update your business address and your business phone number
  • Find your application or subscription in the product and service list.
  • choose a description.
  • In the Billing information section, search the payment method, then 
  • Select Edit.
  • Please change/update your information data.
  • choose to save and close


You can not change/update the basis about default reports for detail reports, but you can change/update them manually.

How to update your paycheck information

To bypass service suspensions, you can carefully update your billing information data for your QuickBooks desktop payroll subscription. We explain to you how to update your data information and also answer some generally asked questions.

If you are transferring your payment method from Credit Card to Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or vice versa.

To update billing data information, you must be signed in to your QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance surface utilizing your Intuit user ID and password.

Once you signed in, you can update the billing data information under the Annual Billing Features box. The level of data information may vary depending on your contact role. If you do not understand any data information under the Billing Features box, it means that you are not a current billing contact. To change the account holder and/or billing contact.

If you view current credit card information, you are the billing contact for your company. choose the Edit link to update your billing data information.

Choose the change payment link to update your billing information.

Update bank account

If you are handling a bank account as your payment method, move to the My Account website and follow those steps.

  • Please sign in to my account.
  • Maintain your QuickBooks page, Choose the product or service you need to maintain.
  • Confirm that you are beginning the right company.
  • In the Products and Services section, Choose your payroll service.
  • In the Billing data Information section, Choose the Edit link next to the payment method.

Update your payment details and Choose Save and Close.

  • Examine your membership details like membership type, renewal date, and fee.
  • opt the drop-down button next to your company name. Then Pick the Logout option.

How to view your payment history

You can quickly view your QuickBooks online payment history in your product. If you require a copy or would like to view your payment history, please follow the most important steps below to access your payment history information.

  • First of all, Choose the gear icon at the top.
  • Select the  Account and Settings.
  • And third is to Select the Billing and Subscriptions tab.
  • View your Payment History Hyperlink.

We have discussed here on this topic to change or update the QuickBooks payment method. I hope this article will help you a lot in changing and updating the payment method in QuickBooks Desktop. 

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