When the matter of maintaining and keeping track of stray transactions, an audit trail in QuickBooks is the best option to work with. The changes which occur by the other users, this feature keeps a track of them in QuickBooks Audit trail. So, in this clog, we are going to discuss the topic of how you can use the audit trail in QuickBooks. And, if you have any query you can contact QuickBooks Customer Service for guidance.

The documents of QuickBooks organization can become huge because many files closed transactions and did not use elements list which was made upon the course of your running business. By precipitating the organization file, you can delete the audit trail related to the transaction closed. All the transaction reports transmit to the summary of journal reports. All these entries can delete the audit trail of all the transactions which are based on the date you have chosen in the Condense Data wizard but it will not change your business accounting. Moreover, when more than one user works on the same document then, it will submerge and it becomes hard to find the data in the audit trail in QuickBooks Desktop

Authorize The Feature Of Audit Trail In QuickBooks

For allowing the feature of Audit Trail in QuickBooks Desktop, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Edit Menu section and choose the Preferences command.
  • Then, you can see the preferences dialog box visible on the screen.
  • After that, if you want to change accounting preferences then specify the changes you have to do.
  • Select the accounting set of preferences by clicking on the icon of the given on the left corner.
  • And, go to the company preferences tab.
  • After that, contact QuickBooks Customer Service to tell them that you want to use Audit.
  • Select the Audit Trail Check Box and then press on OK for talking to QuickBooks by using the audit trail.
  • After all this, QuickBooks will maintain data of the customers that do changes to the Accounting file.

The Requirement Of QuickBooks Audit Trail

Taking permission over the transactions and doing entries beforehand in the QuickBooks company file is one of the big reasons. This report provides you a simple survey of the last transactions or the entries that you might require if some inconsistency occurs in a bank account.

To use QuickBooks completely by using this feature of QuickBooks will assist you to instruct your employees. By giving them instruction and training them will lead them to get some idea about how to work on the QuickBooks completely then there will be no problem in the future.

How To Make The Reports Of Audit Trail In QB?


There are multiple choices beneath the display button. The range of date report entered days or the last changed filter. In the range of dates, you have to enter the date whenever the transaction changes or there is a new entry. One can get confused about these entries that were made in the last entries. To display the deleted transaction, there is a choice to view the transaction which is removed.


To turn up the transaction searches, you can use the Filter option. There are many filters opted from the option of name, amount, account, customer job, vendor, and more. For using the filter, scroll down and select the option you choose and then give the information which is needed in the input middlebox. By selecting the Remove Selected Filter button and selecting, you can delete the filter.

Header or Footer

By selecting this choice, you can alter the content of the report of the header and footer. To alter and modify the fields is an easier process.

Fonts and Number

This choice will provide you to alter the method of how the reports will see. And if in case, you don’t want to alter the report then select the ‘default report settings’ found in the Edit option and then, preferences then, reports and graphs then, company preferences and then, format.

In the given report, every line has the same transaction but different things you can see there. Make sure that you are going through the right transactions. As it gets confusing especially when it is loaded the entries while reading the audit trail in QuickBooks.


We hope this article will help you understand the topic of Audit Trail in QuickBooks. QuickBooks Audit Trail is the best feature that assists you in difficult situations. However, by using the Audit trail in QuickBooks the speed of the software of QuickBooks will slow down. But, this is a mandatory feature because you have a precious record of all the actions.

How can you use Audit Trail in QuickBooks?
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