As we all know that, we need a license to use QuickBooks, and also need a license to add multi-user in QuickBooks. But when the situation comes to access a QuickBooks company file at a time by more users, we need to purchase an additional user license in QuickBooks to use it. This article will guide you about the additional user license in QuickBooks. To get complete knowledge regarding this topic then stay with us till the end of the article.

Additional User License Adding Process in QuickBooks

The adding process of the additional user license is very simple, and short, but before that, you have to take some steps to ensure the license information in your QuickBooks. We have mentioned all of the possible needed procedures, which may be needed before adding the license. Let’s have a look;

To Find Out the Number of User Licenses 

You should know the number of user license that you have in your QuickBooks before adding any additional license. It will make you sure that how many user license actually you need.

  • Open QuickBooks, and press the ‘F2’ key from the keyboard.
  • It will open the product information window. 
  • Now from the upper left, note down the listed number for User Licenses.
  • Repeat these same steps for each installation of QuickBooks

Find the Current Pricing Details for Adding Users to the License

Pricing is always an essential factor whenever we purchase something new. The Pricing factor decides whether we are taking the decision or not. Now check the current pricing details for adding the license. It will help you to choose the right plan for license.

  • In QuickBooks, select the ‘Help’ menu, and choose the ‘Manage My License’ option and the ‘Buy Additional user License’ option. 
  • After that, click on the ‘Add Seats Online’ link to get the current pricing. 

How to Purchase or Add User License in QuickBooks 

Follow the procedure to add the license in QuickBooks:

  • Open the QuickBooks application.
  • Reach out to the Help and click on Manage My License and Buy Additional User License. (if the option isn’t available for you, your QuickBooks may already be at the maximum number of users allowed.)
  • A new page will open.
  • In the next step, you will get two options to purchase the license the one is where you can make a purchase via your phone. If you choose this option then your Intuit workers will assist you on a mobile phone. And all the further procedures will be carried on the phone only. You’ll be given the phone number to contact Intuit.
  • Another option is to purchase the additional QuickBooks license online. If you choose this option then the button will lead you to a new page that will direct you on how to buy the license and you can choose the number of licenses you’d like to buy.
  • Install QuickBooks Desktop on an additional system of your office based on the number of licenses you purchased. Now you can use the same license and product numbers you used to originally install QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to activate QuickBooks Desktop.

Set Permission for New Users with the License

In the above article, we have learned how to add a user for the QuickBooks license. Now let us create and set permission for a new user in QuickBooks.

  • Go to the menu bar, choose Company>Set Up Users and Passwords>Set Up Users.
  • In the User List dialog box, choose Add User.
  • Fill in the username, password and password confirm.
  • Choose the access option:
    • All areas- Access to all areas except which require Admin access.
    • Selected areas—Access to Selected areas of QuickBooks. Such as (Create transactions only, Create and print transactions, create transactions and reports.)
  • Follow the on-screen steps(if any). And you are done.

That’s all about the topic. We hope, now you have the idea that how to add a license for a user in QuickBooks, how much does an additional QuickBooks license costs, and how to set permission for the user. Still, if you need help with adding the license then we can help you by accessing your QuickBooks remotely. Our QuickBooks expert will guide you on the right path. At last, Thank you for your visit.

How to add a user license in Quickbooks
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